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Welcome and thank you for visiting my web site and I do hope that you will find the information you need here.

From personal experience and my work with clients I firmly believe that we are able to find solutions to our problems within ourselves. My aim is to help you to discover or re-discover the resources, strengths and knowledge that are already stored within you. As a hypnotherapist I will work with you in a safe and supportive environment, helping you to learn to relax; and as you do so I will help you to achieve self-resolution, clarify issues and increase physical comfort and experience personal growth. I aim to help you to utilise both your conscious and unconscious mind to clear away any perceived obstacles or limitations. Often these unhelpful emotions and behaviours that gave protection or refuge to our younger selves are now holding us back.

When I work with you I regard myself as a guide; I guide your journey, helping you to identify the inner resources you have to solve your own problems and achieve your aspirations and goals.

I work from my home in Horton, Telford; so offer a relaxed, comfortable setting for therapy.

Wrekin Hypnotherapy is easily accessible; Leegomery, Hadley, Donnington and Trench are all within a five minute drive; with Wellington, Oakengates and Telford only ten minutes away. Shropshire's excellent roads mean that driving from Newport will only take you about 15 minutes and from Shrewsbury will take you around 25 minutes.