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The Hypno-Band - A Virtual Gastric Band to Lose Weight

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In the last year or so, there has been growing interest in Gastric Band Surgery with several well know celebrities admitting to having undergone the surgery to help them loose weight. However the NHS waiting lists for this procedure are long and funding for this type of surgery is limited; privately it costs around £7,000. There are also the inevitable risks that are associated with any kind of surgery to consider; and any doctor will expect you to have tried other ways of losing weight before recommending it for you.

So wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were a cheaper and safer alternative for those who are over weight with a high body mass index? Now there is, a Virtual Gastric Band, ‘the Hypno-Band’! The Hypno-Band is a revolutionary weight loss system designed and tested by John Maclean and I am one of the few practitioners licensed by him to deliver the technique in Shropshire.

The Hypno-Band could change your life for ever. Imagine having the results usually achieved by having a surgical Gastric Band fitted without having to go through surgery and spending thousands of pounds!

What is it?

Normal Gastric Band Surgery works by reducing the size of the stomach so you eat less and therefore feel full quicker, or in others words, the stomach tells the brain that it’s full with less food. Hypno- Band works in the same but at an unconscious level without the need for surgery. By using the Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy System, you develop a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a gastric band fitted, as a result you will eat smaller portions and feel full quickly. It is a long term solution to weight management that allows you to lose weight steadily and safely using hypnotherapy.

How does it work?

Before you undergo the Hypno-Band procedure, we work together to understanding how your weight has affected your life up to now. We will identify any limiting beliefs, emotional blocks or historical influences that have led to your inappropriate eating patterns and hinder your previous efforts to loose weight. This will enable you to make maximum progress once the Hypno-Band is fitted. All this will be discussed with you during your initial free half-hour consultation. It is during this time I will be able to assess your suitability and gain permission from your doctor if necessary.
If you are ready and suitable, I take you through the Hypno Band weight loss programme which also includes having a gastric band fitted, but only in your mind! By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food. By eating less, and less often, you will begin to lose weight. The process uses Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there!

Will I be suitable for the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system?

If you are over-weight [with a BMI of 30+] with a desire and commitment to losing weight then you should be suitable. The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or if you are taking certain medications. If the Hypno-band is not appropriate or you only a little over-weight I will suggest alternative approaches. Please go to my Weight page.

Will it work for me?

The key to success is you! No weight loss system will work unless you are fully committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle. If you are totally serious about losing weight then it will certainly work better for you. The Hypno-band system provides you with the tools and ability to lose weight and maintain a healthier body. 

How long does it take?

We always start with a free 30 minute consultation. The whole process takes between 4 and 6 one hour sessions with me and CDs to reinforce our work together. The course is usually spread over 2-3 weeks with a final check-up about 6 weeks later.  

How do I calculate my BMI?

Visit the calculator on the NHS website.

For more information about Newwave Hypno-Band Weight Loss System go to

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